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If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela

AI in Web Design conf'23 (Online)

"From ordinary to extraordinary: The future of creativity with AI tools"

20-21 June 2023

As part of the AI in Web Design conf’23, the Geekle Group ran a 2 day event on how to supercharge productivity & creativity with AI.

As ONUT, we shared our vision from the emerging field of AI for creativity. We explored the limitless potential of AI tools to revolutionize the creative process. Drawing on the latest insights from the field. We delved into real-world examples. These showcase how AI is transforming the way we approach the creative field.


ShapeShift Festival - Sofia (Bulgaria)

2-3 June 2023

SHAPESHIFT is a series of events exploring the relationship between humanity and innovation. Art, science, politics, curiosity and innovation shape and reshape the world we live in. A three-day festival: The Unknown as a Creative Force.

Lecture: Between2waters: Human|Machine & Everything Creative in between

As ONUT, we dived into the fascinating world of human-machine collaboration and the possibilities it holds for the present and future of art. The talk explored the intersection of humanity, machines, and creativity. How AI and other advanced technologies are transforming the way we create and consume design and art.

Workshop: From zero to creative hero: enhanced creativity in AI times

Through interactive exercises and discussions, we presented practical strategies for overcoming creative blocks. Generating new ideas, and leveraging AI technologies to enhance your creativity.


Dutch Creativity Festival 2022

Design Thinking Workshop with Miro

18 November 2022

In this Design Thinking workshop with 40+ creatives. We took on a design challenge together to learn from each other, have fun and meet on a Miro board.

During the workshop, participants split into groups to generate creative ideas around a tricky problem. Then presented back to the teams. We voted for the most successful idea based on the group criteria.

DUtch creativity festival
Design thinking


Office hours: Experience Design

20 October 2022

Invited by Latitud team/group as a mentor on Product Design. This is the last cohort of the year 2022: LF8 with 124 tech founders. Latitud’s vision is to build world-class tech companies in Latin America.

Participated as a mentor in an office hour session, alongside Juan Real: Product Design Manager at Miro. We focused on the topic of  Experience Design & had a conversation with 5 founders. We discussed relevant topics for their businesses and recommended the best scenarios. And solved their questions.

product design


Ideation Workshop with Miro

26 January 2022

One of the leading startup's communities in LATAM, Latitud, invited me and Peter Boersma (Design Operations at Miro) to present a session around Ideation and idea generation in early stage startups. The audience was comprised by 150 top-quality founders from the region of early-stage startups.

"We love using your tool and as you know a lot of our entrepreneurs in the program are in ideation/discovery stages, so we wanted to maximize our partnership and invite MIRO to lead some of our ideation workshops."

Together with Peter Boersma. Design Operations at Miro


Startup Weekend Singapore

Branding & Storytelling Mentorship Session

12 - 20 November 2021

Startup Weekend is running the first-ever Global edition! This coming 12-20 November, join the largest, wildest, craziest and most impactful startup event of the year.

Close to 1700+ attendees from over 80 countries, and 9 days of non-stop action, education and innovation.I’ve was invited to present the topic Branding & Storytelling as part of their Mentorship programm through the event and as front face for the Miro team. Mentors are a key part of the Startup Weekend experience. Mentors who are all set to inspire and support through the participants startup journey.


SaaS Product Chat

23 October 2020

SaaS Product Chat es un vídeo podcast de tecnología que se enfoca en la creación, el desarrollo y el lanzamiento de productos Software as a Service (SaaS). Tenemos conversaciones técnicas sobre tópicos de software, a veces también con profesionales de la industria de la tecnología.

"En este episodio contamos con Alix Martínez, líder de diseño en Founders Factory Africa (FFA), una aceleradora e incubadora de empresas con base en Johannesburgo enfocada en las industrias Fintech y Healthcare. Estuvimos charlando sobre su proceso de aceleración en compañías "early-stage", sus metodologías de trabajo con las startups del portfolio y la importancia que tienen las pruebas con usuarios y la investigación en el diseño de producto. Alix además nos compartió las diferencias culturales dentro de África, los retos en la vertical de salud afectada por el COVID-19 y las formas de aplicar a FFA. ¡Acompáñanos en esta charla!"

product design
design process


Building & scaling design

22 July 2021

Fearless helps to build and scale design teams around the world. With 7000 members, the Fearless Design Community organises events to inspire members. In their Video Podcast series #designleadership, they invite industry Design Leaders to discuss their experiences on relevant topics. Alix joined the second episode “Building & scaling design”.


Hatch x FFA Design month

The Value of Design

17 September 2020

Design has different meaning for different areas, for different markets and cultures. Of course for different types of organisations. In this case the topic was on the Early seed startup journey and what did it meant at Founders Factory Africe within the African context.

Founders Factory Africa

UX Joburg

Accessing the International Design Job Market

26 August 2020

With an increased focus on remote working due to COVID-19, we've invited Tom Cotterill, Co-Founder of Fearless, and Alix Martínez, Head of Design at Founders Factory Africa to share their insights into International Trends in the jobs/remote work market, and how African Designers can access the international job/work market.

UX Joburg
Remote work