Alix Martínez Martínez
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5 years reimagining the future of global brands

Founded in 2001, Fjord joined Accenture Interactive in 2013. Started as a Service Design agency, today has 39 studios around the world

Global brands trust Fjord services every day to disrupt & transform their businesses. Fjord brings breakthrough connected products and services to life. By redesigning people’s relationships with the world around them. 


As part of the Fjord team, Alix got involved in plentiful projects as Visual & Service Design Lead. Responsible for leading projects. Creative direction, Strategic thinking, Project planning, and execution. Stakeholder management, Service & Product delivery. User Research planning… From initial concept to business transformation. To the creation of Innovation Labs within Global Organisations. Operating across many teams, industries, and countries globally.

With Fjord expanding to other locations. London sponsored the Sidney studio opening. Alix traveled there to help with the set up of the studio participating in one of the initial projects.

At Fjord, besides project work, she accomplished Management duties. Guiding the Visual Design Team as Line Manager. Responsible to hiring new talent and managing people allocation through different projects. Alix also initiated the Visual Design Guild, a regular gathering from Fjord Designers. To connect and reflect on Design within the company. She also contributed to the Fjord yearly Trends report from 2013 to 2018.

Envisioning the future of a Global Healthcare Brand

  • Reimagined and brought to life the future of Healthcare digital services. To provide more personalised meaningful patient experiences. Informed by User Research carried over multiple markets in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

  • Service & Visual Design Lead. Responsible for managing teams across different locations and engaging with Senior Stakeholders.

  • Future vision & Strategy. Besides the first digital implementation of a new global brand: website launch combining 18 sites into a global one.

Helping the Enterprise Sales team of a Global Telco to make informed & data-driven decisions on their sales

  • Working with the Accenture Analytics team to prototype an Intelligent Pricing Solution. Created for the Enterprise team reimagining their sales solution

  • Service & Visual Design Lead, responsible for defining and prototyping a new experience. Stakeholder management within Accenture Analytic team & Client

Better Cashflow & Forecasting
powered by AI

  • Working with the Accenture Analytics team. To Prototype a Cash Forecasting Solution with predictive analytics

  • Service & Visual Design Lead, responsible for defining and prototyping a new experience. Stakeholder management within Accenture Analytic team

Disrupting a home improvement multi-brand company with ~ 20 million customers

2 years of engagement with different roles and responsibilities in three phases

Phase 1 - Future vision and strategy

  • Lead Designer. To define and visualise a new personalised experience around the customer. User Research activities. Ecosystem mapping. Concepting and visualisation

Phase 2 - Innovation Lab

  • Visual Design Lead for initial Service delivered for iOS & Android. Establish an Innovation Hub within the organisation. 200+ professionals with ~50 designers.

Phase 3 - Brand new service/s delivery

  • Visual Design Lead. Established new lean and agile ways of working. Improving the E2E Customer Experience. Establishing Design Culture through the Creation of the Design Guild. Design System Team Lead. Responsible for the build and maintenance of the Design System.

Re-imagining the digital experience for a giant fashion brand

  • As part of ongoing transformation of the parent group of companies, work with the fashion brand to create an effortless and straightforward shopping experience on the digital space to resemble the physical experience

  • Following the outcomes of collaborative sessions with the client team, proposed a new Information Architecture and prototyped a flexible solution to work across all the devices

  • Team lead for the engagement responsible for managing delivery and stakeholder management

Redesigning the agency billing process for a multinational consumer goods company operating in around 200 countries

  • Responsible for understanding & mapping the complete billing process with external agencies globally. Delivering UX/UI for the solution

Envisioning the future of Australia's leading diversified entertainment group

  • Responsible for definition & validation of a new experience as part of a larger digital and service transformation proposition. Starting from User Research to designing & prototyping a new proposition validated through user testing. Moving from a paper base experience to fully digital enable solution on bespoke devices

Establishing a new Service Ecosystem for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

  • Defining a Connected Service Ecosystem across Health Care Professionals to ease their work and improves patient’s health

  • Responsible for Service Design mapping and workshop facilitation

Prototyping a mobile solution for premier utility supplier in the UK

  • 10 week Service Lab to explore new solutions and conceptualise a digital experience delivered to improve customer engagement and fulfil a Government initiative

  • Responsible for bringing concepts to live and prototype a solution powered by real customer data

Transforming the Mortgage Experience for customers of a leading British Financial institution

Phase 1 - Future vision and Strategy

  • Defining the North Star starting from Customer Research and Customer Mapping to Concept Definition across different customer groups

  • Responsible for Customer Research, workshop facilitation, Design Direction and Concept Development

Phase 2 - First Digital Service Delivery

  • Initial Real Time decisioning experience in the Mortgage process for multi brand support simultaneously

  • Responsible for manage the UX/UI delivery for multibrands and stakeholder management

Enabling Mobile Banking for a Pan African financial institution

  • Designing the mobile and tablet digital experience offering banking and financial services to individuals in the African context

  • Responsible for UX/UI delivery and driving excellence across all touchpoints working closely with Development team in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fjord: Bold & generous

5 years is enough time for a considerable list of matters to discuss. Travelling, culture, teams, evolution, growth, acquisitions, restructured departments, innovation labs, training, processes, methodologies, frameworks, ways of working, challenges, anecdotes, learnings, parties, fun and sad times. A fascinating experience full of achievements.