Alix Martínez Martínez

Yoko Ono

A source of inspiration and wisdom. Art & peace to the world.

IMAGINE PEACE: Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace.
Just be yourself and be an artist. Many artists never went to art school. Artists are not made in schools. They are made by your love and spirit.

Refik Anadol

Machine Hallucinations – Mars: AI Data Paintings by Refik Anadol

One of my favorites, “evolving relationship between machine and man” with an echo and resemblance of seawater in my mind…


The quality of the light! Such wonderful artworks here

Athos Burez

Visual artist. Ghent. Contemporary surreal atmospheres. Excellent photography. Exquisite still life compositions.


Mario Klingemann. Artificial intelligence, deep learning, generative and evolutionary art, glitch art, data classification and visualization or robotic installations

Neural networks, code and algorithms

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Layer Drawings

Artist, born in Fukuoka 1976

Three dimensional landscapes. Acrylic.

Josef Albers

Interlocked. 1927

Designer, photographer, typographer, printmaker, poet, abstract painter, theorist. Teacher

Color. Basic shapes. Education

Felipe Pantone

Public space and public art

Argentinian-Spanish artist

Graffiti, kinetic art


Tensions and equilibriums between the real and artificial, the figurative and abstract, the old and new

Time-based digital sculptures - immersive audiovisual installations and performances

William Morris & Andy Warhol

by Jeremy Deller

“I don’t want art for a few anymore than education for a few or freedom for a few” W.Morris

Education. Remix. Sinergies

Emil Nolde

Expressionism. Die Brücke

“With faith that a new generation of creative as well as perceptive people will develop, we call together all young people, and, as youth which carries the future in itself, we want to gain for ourselves the freedom of development and liberation from the old establishment. Everyone belongs to us who directly and undivergently tires to express that which impels them to create.”

Expressionism. Future. Liberation