Aquatilis Expedition

Magic at three hundred feet under the sea

March 2015

I found out about the Aquatilis Expedition through a design blog post, and I was shocked when I first visited the website a couple of months ago.


Magic at three hundred feet under the sea

I spend an average of 1-2 hour a day browsing through newsletters, e-mails, tweets, and the web in general as a way to stay up-to-date and discover cool stuff. You become so inundated with images that there are times when few things make you get excited. Yes, you see the value of products, the well-executed designs…but they fail to make an impact. is one of these beautiful designs that makes you stop and take a deeper look. It captures your attention and gradually opens your eyes as you try to take in all the content, looking closely at each detail, paying close attention and admiring the subtle animations and delicate colour gradients.

Designed by House of Van Schneider in collaboration with Alexander Semenov, this site unfolds the experience of one team on a three-year journey to discover the unseen: fascinating creatures that live 300 metres under the sea, like the beautiful and alien gelata.

I follow the expedition on Instagram and Facebook and I can’t stop coming back to these amazing images for two main reasons: first, because these creatures are so captivating, and also because the image production is so mesmerising.

Follow and support the Aquatilis Expedition team and enjoy this design gem from House of Van Schneider.


Photography: Alexander Semenov
Branding & Creative Direction: Tobias van Schneider
Copywriting: Anna Bogdanova
Interactive Development: Tim Holman