Bondi Beach. When the path wants to take you there.

February 2015

Sometimes you just want to go to the left, but life takes you to the right, no matter how much you fight it. After driving around, you’ll end up at that exact place. I call that the forces of natural attraction.

Josef Hoflehner

A couple of months ago, in London where I live, I saw a set of marvellous images with astonishing colours, all delicacy and finesse. The pics were from the Patience series (a state of mind that I’m trying to achieve over the years) from the Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner.

One photo in particular caught my attention: Bondi Baths, the first of the series. The contrast between the strength of the sea and the delicate colours of the saltwater swimming pool stayed with me for days. I knew that Bondi was a famous place in Australia but that was all. After a while I completely forgot about it and life continued.

Eugene Tan

In August I went to work in Sydney for five weeks and one morning had a coffee in this place where they had this magazine. I decided to take a look just to pass the time and to my surprise I found an article about a guy named Eugene Tan, one of the best-known Australian surf photographers. What did I see? Bondi Beach again! For a second I was confused because the first images were similar to the Hoflehner ones. Was it the same guy? Could it be? But when I turned the page powerful surfing photographs appeared. Another story, another style. And you know what? Tan had a gallery in Bondi Beach! Where else?

That day I headed to Aquabumps, Tan’s gallery, and decided to buy a couple of photographs for my sister, my partner and myself, as a way to make Bondi Beach a part of our lives.

Here you can see my version of the amazing mixture of colours and sea that is the Bondi Baths.