Don’t complain, Create. Tina Roth

January 2015

Tina Roth says: “The right moment is now” and “Don’t complain, create”. While I completely agree with these statements, how difficult is it to apply advice like this to our own lives? Watch the video below to remind yourself that the moment is now.


The right moment is now

I’ve discovered the talk and the video below at, but I’ve been following swissmiss (her blog) for years, and I really enjoy what she features there as well as her other projects.

Take a look and discover swissmiss for yourself. In this video, the wife and mother of two explains how she transformed her side projects into businesses and completely redefined her life by applying her personal rules to each of these projects. She also explains how her two children have been the biggest catalyst for her career.

You will also find some tips on how to focus and work more efficiently by applying her rules for life.